A Preview of the Unigov Series / by Jim Hodapp

It's been a little while since I've last posted and it's time to fix this situation. Recently, I thought of an idea for a series of blog posts that I intend to use to learn more about the concept and government entity in Indianapolis referred to as Unigov. In this series I'll give a background on it, some history of it, where it stands today with its positive traits and the negative ones, and then finally discuss where I think it needs to go. I also hope to do some comparison to other cities that have done a similar thing with their encompassing county.

There's been very little said about this form of city/county government nor about the financial implications of this approach, and so I plan to explore this as well as hoping to start a good conversation about it. I have some preconceived notions of what I think about it, but I hope to deepen my understanding of Unigov and the reasons for why it exists to challenge my currently surface-level understanding.

Stay tuned for the first part of the series on the background and history of it here in Indy.